Boy Howdy

The CREEM logo was designed by Bob Wilson, who also wrote a regular comic strip, “Mike and Barney”. The “Mr. Dreamwhip” and “Boy Howdy!” icons were designed by underground cartoonist Robert Crumb, reportedly for $50. Mr. Crumb needed money for a clap shot. Tony Reay offered him $50 for a cover drawing (Barry fought hard to reduce it to $30). Zap comix were just beginning to get national distribution in head shops across the country and he had just done the Janis/Big Brother cover for Columbia. “I paid the money just for the use of his name…I didn’t care if he drew monkeys in a barrel–and actually, neither I nor Barry were that impressed with the results”.

Both appeared on the cover of the second issue as a black and white drawing titled Detroit 1969. For the December 1971 issue, Wilson colored the drawing, which appeared in every following issue in a Creem’s Profiles, a parody of the then-popular Dewar’s Profiles, featuring musicians and bands holding cans of “Boy Howdy!” beer. Although, the bottle pictured in the drawing originally represented a cream container. It was a misconception that it was a beer bottle, Creem decided to let it go that way.


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